100 and Under

We can minimize the personal damage

Photo by Sandie Clarke on Unsplash

Shelly Fagan wrote an insightful article that addressed the questions I had. Her article cited reasons for the supply shortage our country has now.

What is going on?

We have all seen empty shelves at stores and sighed. With the gridlock at US ports and rising gas prices making it…

100 and Under

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I was inspired by a news story this morning about the United States honoring female veterans. “Operation HerStory” brought female veterans to Washington, DC to pay tribute for their service. This is a segment of service people who have had little credit for their efforts.

Approximately 11,000 women served in…

Retirement was not what I envisioned, just more work to do

Where is the freedom of retirement? Since my mom got to the point that she can’t care for herself, I have been stuck in the middle. I care for her eight hours a day, then go home and care for the grandson that my husband and I are raising.


Ellen Baker

Writing to help me navigate this unexpected life after “retirement”. Love to read others’ stories too.

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